Review: Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Changing Mat

Review: Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Changing Mat

Welcome to our industry review of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s changing table mattress. Choosing the right baby change mat is essential when setting up the nursery for your little bundle of joy. Changing Mats are a must-have in any nursery – a great practical addition and a beautiful decoration at the same time.

Nordlife stocks both changing mats for the nursery as well on-the-go diaper changing mat and bag combos.

The lovely mats by Cam Cam Copenhagen have a cold pressed foam padding has a comfortable shape that provides good support.  The mat has a removable, machine washable (40 degrees) cover for easy care.

The options for baby changing mats are endless, so it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for when shopping for a new changing pad. Here are three factors we considered in our review of Cam Cam’s new baby change mat:


One benefit is all Cam Cam Copenhagen change pads go perfectly with Cam Cam’s other nursery décor and baby products.

Although changing mat serve an essential function, they are also a visible component of the overall room – why not coordinate it with the rest of your design scheme! When choosing a change mat, it’s also key to consider how it will fit with the rest of the nursery décor. Cam Cam Copenhagen’s changing pads come in an array of stunning colours and darling prints – you’re sure to find one that fits with your nursery décor! Choose from the classic grey wave print or have some fun with Cam Cam’s signature raindrops pattern.


Cam Cam Copenhagen’s line of changing pads have a practical removable cover which can easily be detached from the rest of the change mat for easy cleaning. The cover’s fabric lining is made with 100% cotton and is super soft for baby’s skin. Furthermore, the covers on Cam Cam’s change pads have a water-repellent coating, making it super easy to wipe away spills and messes without leaving stains! When handling your little one’s daily essentials, you’ll want a change mat that can be easily cleaned when messes inevitably occur.


Cam Cam Copenhagen’s line of change mats are equipped with cold-pressed foam padding that forms a comfortable shape and provides good support for your little one. The changing pad also has high edges to keep your baby secure and safe during changings. Having a baby changing mat with supportive padding is definitely something to consider when decorating and furnishing your nursery. During changing time, choosing a change pad that comfortable for baby and minimises the amount your little one wiggles around is also something to consider. Opting for a changing pad with supportive and padded sides will benefit you greatly.

So now we’ve shared our review, should you buy Cam Cam’s change mat? Our opinion: YES. Choosing the right baby changing mat can make all the difference in the world when you’re furnishing your little one’s bedroom or nursery and Cam Cam’s is a great one overall. You can find a variety of Cam Cam’s adorable and practical baby changing mats at Nordlife.


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